Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dates and memories

Last weekend Martin started pressure hosing the patio. It is block paving and tends to get quite a lot of moss (it falls from the roof) growing between the cracks. This in turn gives the weeds a roothold so every 9 months or so we pressure hose it all down and refil with silver sand. Of course this makes a real mess, and pebbledashes the house, walls, gate, bins and anything else in his path with sand and mud. While I was washing down the conservatory windows it became apparent that the woodwork was way past the need of a quick spruce and needed lots of TLC plus a coat of white gloss.

Of course this got us trying to remember when we had last painted it, I reckoned 2004, and since this it the only year I completed a whole scrapbook album for, I hauled it out to look through. Gee it must have been before 2004 as it was already sparkly white in the photos. Oh well. Still it did remind me that for that particular album I made calendar pages for each month and filled in what we had been up to all year. I must start a few more year albums and wayhay I can use my blog to fill in any blank days ... well thats if I start updating a little more often! So stay tuned, I may get round to blogging a little more often!!

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lyzzydee said...

Pressure washing is great fun!!