Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just a few photos.

A photo of my mum and dad's dog whistkie with his rosette for coming first in class (Best Crossbreed) at his very first dog show last weekend

A photo of Martin as he starts his attack on the trees in readiness for our hot tub. This is the best site but needs one tree and 4 stumps to be removed first. All he has is a blunt saw and an even blunter small logging axe. Methinks it may take a while. The tree itself is in a sorry state, since it was already split lenthwise down the trunk from the heavy winds last winter, and it would seem there was also some illness in the roots since the bark just fell away, so hot tub or no it needs to come out - but not a fun game by any lookout.

A photo of the second page to go with the one I did at Kate's class the other week using the left over bits


lyzzydee said...

Cute doggie!!!

Boo said...

I want that dog!