Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Counting down

With only a few days left until W day, its all a bit rushed around here. We had been hoping to avoid any last minute panics but even with the amount of organising Laura and I have been doing, things have still managed to go wrong in the last few days and have left us scratching our heads for solutions or wishing we had more time.

On Wednesday of last week we collected the bridesmaids dresses. These were being hand made by a teacher friend of Laura's so we had to rely on when she was available to when they would be finished. Leaving the bulk of the making and fitting until the summer holidays meant that there was no final fitting and it was only yesterday, having given the 3 bridesmaids out their dresses that we discovered none of them fit correctly and all needed altering in some way. Unfortunately the dressmaker is fully booked with other things apart from a short hour on Friday - too late for us to use her, and also impossible for the one dress now residing in London to be corrected.

After a few tantrums, we hope the solutions have been found and that it will all be ok on the day.
Aside from the man in the fish shop refusing to sell any fish if they are being used for a wedding, the bouncy castle letting us down, and a cancelled hotel room booking from one of the guests all seems to be on track (fingers crossed).

Friday and Sunday, Martin Kelly and Ollie had tickets to see tottenham play at Wembly. Martin went straight from his early shift at work, up to town but it took them so long to get out of the stadium after the match that they missed the train and Mart rolled home at 1.45 am!

On Saturday it was Laura's hen night and we had a very pleasant (if not a tad quiet for a hen) meal in a local restaurant. The younger girls carried on to a night club but us oldies headed back home. It was a 'Fame' theme event and we all had to go dressed up in probably the worst era possible fashion wise.

Laura and Kelly in fluorescent colours

Mum in her original '80s trouser suit and me wearing thick blue and pink eye shadow. Those are genuine '80's plastic beads too!

Zoe, my 17 year old niece arrived from America yesterday. She is staying for two weeks with Mum and Dad. They went up to meet her but there was abit of trouble at immigration because no one had thought to give her the address and telephone number of where she was staying, so they refused to let her through until Mum had answered heaps of questions. She seems none the worst for her ordeal though and today we took her shopping, stopping at Herne Bay sea front on the way home. She was fascinated by the lug worm casts in the sand, since she lives in the middle of the desert in Arizona and there is nothing like it 'at home'

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Boo said...

Coooo-eeee to all the lovely Izzards - will be thinking of you today and sending my bestest love. Special lovings to my pal Yizz (and I mean that in a purely non-threatening loved-up way lol) :lol:
Love Boo xxxx