Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot tub!!

A few years ago now, my scrapping buddy Joy bought a hot tub because her doctor recommended it for her health. I was so jealous and eversince then have wanted one in my own garden. When I gave up full time teaching I promised Martin that any wage I earned above and beyond his salary I was going to save towards my own hot tub. I dont think he believed me and I dont think he was that keen.

This month, finally, our sharesave scheme has been released and so on a whim I dragged him along to look at the tubs. He was still dubious even after I had explained all the health benefits, but when we got there, the saleslady mentioned how fantastic it was to sit out in one, under the stars late at night with a beer in hand. I think he remembered how great it had been doing something similar floating down the outside part of the lazy river at Centre Parks years ago, and suddenly his enthusism took off.

Today we went to the Kent County Show, because one of the dealers in Margate had said they did good deals at shows. He wasnt wrong. We thought we would only be getting LED lights free on the one we liked, but we got lights, the cover lift, the fitting and commission and free steps, and a little something else which is a surprise for the kids - round about £800 of extra goodies for nort!

We have to clear out a few trees, lay a base, get an electrician to put in a junction box and then in about 8 weeks time we will finally be lazing in our very own hot tub!!!


Carmen said...

Oh my goodness - sounds like bliss. That's not to long to wait either - it will fly past.

Thanks for the website info, much appreciated :)

Boo said...

Ah so, if I time my visit just right ..... lol!