Monday, July 20, 2009


We have had a few achievements this weekend worthy of celebrations. Trouble is everyone is so busy with weddings and holidays and other stuff, its hard to fit family together time in at the moment.

On Saturday Laura and I went to have the alterations on her wedding dress sorted out. Seeing the dress with the underskirt and pinned in where the alterations are to go made it look so much better and it already looked fab. She is going to be such a beautiful bride, and that is not all mummy bias, as she has a super figure!

Martin was on an early for a change so it was great when Ollie and Kelly popped in to see us on their way home from having lunch at Ollie's sister's. Kelly approved the stuff I was doing for the hen night, and they sorted out all the arrangements for the two football matches at Wembley their father is going to with them to see next friday and sunday.

After that the evening was pretty dire, we were dog sitting for Laura (Bailey was exceptionally well behaved) but the people down the road decided they would celebrate a birthday with a very loud and very boisterous outdoor disco and karaoke. This started at 4 and fianally stopped at 10. 6 hours of very very bad drunken reditions of stuff such as Welcome home, Dont go breaking my Heart, Country Roads and other 70's drivel!! Even with the windows shut and the telly up high we couldnt drown it out.

On Sunday Kelly was running in the Hyde Park Race for Life. She did it in 38 mins and 50 seconds (she said she could have done faster but people kept getting in her way and slowed her down.) She raised nearly £1000 for Cancer research, so well done my babe. Very proud mum here.

Laura was also raising money for charity, playing in a rounders match at the Cricket match. I dont know how she did, they were very hung over when I took the dog back and she had hurt her wrist on the dancing pole at the club, so she wasnt too enthusiastic about the chances of playing for very long.

Then I got a surprise call from my mum. As part of the Oyster week celebrations, there was a dog show running on the sea front. They had taken Whiskie along and he had won Best Crossbreed! I went along to see, as it was only a stones throw walk away, and watched him come no where in the Most Handsome Dog class. While dad and I were stood watching though a very friendly Huskie doggie decided he fancied the shape of dad as a lamp post and did what dogs do against lamp posts - all down dad's clean trousers. Of course I am such a loving daughter and did the best I could for him - collapse into laughter!!

I left them to it, and later mum phoned to say Whiskie had come 6th in another class (Best Long Hair Dog) winning another prize. Not bad for his very first show and just one more thing to celebrate.

NB Photos on camera to follow

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