Thursday, June 07, 2007

An extra zero

Have you visited Its a Creative World yet? You really must, the girls are providing a wealth of interesting, beautiful, thrifty and practical projects that are described in fantastic detail. And tomorrow they promise TWO exciting offers to celebrate their first week anniversary!

Today I finally got a response to the interview I went to 11 days ago. As I guessed from the lack of news I didnt get the job but to rub salt in the wound the letter apologised for not ringing me but the telephone number on my application form came up as unknown. Reasonable excuse on the face of it as when I checked I had accidently leaned on the keyboard and put a zero in front of the phone number, but ....

ALL local calls round here are 6 not 7 digits, and start with 27 so it was pretty obvious what the correct number should have been and would have been worth trying.

I dont have a common name, they had my addy, how long would it have taken to open the local phone book?

Both my referees could have given a contact number, they also had my work number

why wait 10 days to write and then send the letter second class?

AND WORST OF ALL my correct phone number, addy and email was on the CV I had also sent them!!!!!

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Kelly Matthews said...

That's really bad of them not to phone. I expect they couldn't be bothered to do all of that to find your phone number as they wanted to get home for their half term. Nasty peeps!