Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Something for the weekend?

Due to some huge mix up with stock ordering Martin had to work stock Friday night so Saturday left me at a bit of a dead end as he was snoring in bed not to be disturbed. Since my computer is in the bedroom I couldn't get online, couldn't print out stuff for my scrapping and couldn't do any housework because of the noise. So Kelly and Ollie took pitty on me and invited me over to Sittingbourne for a cup of tea and a trip to B&Q. They were buying stuff to fit in a bathroom suite as they only have a shower and my baby sooo misses her baths!

I got to be the 'list' holder as it was a pretty long list, paint, tiles, plumbing gear, screws (I reckon you need a degree in screws to buy the correct ones) or and cat flea stuff! By the way hon your cat's fleas bit me several times.

By the time I got home, via a trip to see my parents and get my instructions for this week - yes I am dog sitting again while they are on a break to Norfolk for a few days, so I have to be shown how to water the plants and feed the hound for the umpteenth billion time - it was past 3 o'clock and Martin was just waking up. Just as well as I had a splitting head ache and ended up crawling into the bed he had just left and falling asleep. This didn't get shot of the headache and so I had to go to my bessie mate's BBQ still suffering. Still its amazing how good a cure 3 pints of cider can be.

We finally got round to discussing holidays, and because I can't find any narrow boats operating in parts of Ireland we haven't already visited we have now opted to take one out on the Yorkshire Dales and up into the Pennines. Its sometime since we holidayed in England so will be somewhat different but I am looking forward to booking something and going now. Some of the photos on the net look stunning and to be honest on a canal barge it really doesn't matter what the weather is like.

As I had hoped to persuade Kelly to take me to Hobbycraft but had ended up at B&Q I talked Martin in to rushing over there after golf on Sunday. He wasn't too keen but couldn't think up an excuse. I bet he wish he had as I ended up spending £85 but what bargains. I got a whole alpha die set (upper, lower case, numbers and punctuation,) 6 other smaller dies, a heap of felt squares (which I have since discovered can be cut in the die machine) loads of ribbon and the hugest bottle of PVA glue.


lyzzydee said...

I like the sound of your bargains, look on it as a reward fior having suffered a weekend of no pc hell!!

Kelly Matthews said...

Sorry about the flea bites, but you should see my poor ankles, legs, arms, face etc!!! Ollie hasn't been bitten at all though, funny that!