Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not off on me hols.

Well it seems that our mate cant get the same weeks holiday as us and Martin cant change his to meet the weeks our mate can have so our week on the canal ways of Yorkshire are off for this year. We may manage a long weekend in gay Paree instead, we will see. A bit of a disappointment as I was already on that boat meandering along the waters.

This week has been so long - I am just so unhappy working at the Nursery. Don't get me wrong the people and children are lovely but there is just too much internal politics which seem to trying to involve me. Plus I am so physically exhausted - in some ways teaching is so much easier, but for the pittance I am being paid it just isn't worth it. Anyway my psoriasis has flared again, so after a chat with hubby I have decided NOT to take up a permenant contract if/when it is offered.

As well as that I have an interview for a part time teaching job which although a little further away than I want to travel, great. Please let me get through the interview this time.

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