Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Missing e

This hound is growing at a rate of knots! 14 weeks old already and look at the size of him.

One of the girls at the nursery where I am supplying is getting married in July. I overheard her talking to another member of staff, asking where she could get stamps of the letters L and N for her wedding stationary, so I chipped in, offering to lend her some of my alpha's. When I turned up with a small pile of alpha stamps yesterday she asked why I had so many, so I explained about my little scrapping hobby. Since she had shown such an interest I took in my half finished 12x12 album of my daughter's wedding plus the nearly finished mini album of Helen's wedding. The whole staff were really impressed, one even suggested I did it professionally and another said they would be bringing in all their photos for me to scrap LO

As a staff, as we have to cover looking after the children all day we dont get together all in one go at any time during the day so I left the bag with my work in for anyone to go enjoy. I was over the moon that they were all so interested but sadly when I got home tonight I discovered that the letter stickers on the front of the mini album were peeling off and the 'e' in Helen had disappeared entirely. I dont have another so it looks like I am going to have to replace the whole title! That will teach me to get the diamond glaze out earlier. In the meantime a photo of my newly dyed and highlighted barnet - not a very flattering photo (taken by Laura) and my hair is a bit in need of a brush but at least it shows the colours.

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