Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Painting with light

That's the title of the photography course I have been
doing online and this week we had to find different angles or zoom in to take our pics. At first I was very confuddled over what was expected and I am still not sure I have got it right but I did manage a bit of painting with light ....look at this!

Taken by hanging the camera by its strap over the edge of the pond wall, amazed at how the light caught the inside of the lily. And by using macro and portrait mode I was able to get in close and create a short depth of field.

Monday I really was fed up with working at the nursery - the people for the most are great but the lady I work with most of the time can be a right old moaner which can get you down after a while, plus I am used to running my own classroom, not being the class skivvy which is what I ended up being, making the snacks, serving dinner..not exactly what I spent 5 years training for. So I came home Tuesday and hit the 'net for something better. There still isnt much going but I did find 5 jobs to apply for, and this morning I got a message to say one of the schools phoned with an appointment for an informal look round. Yes I know most schools do like you to look round but to actually phone YOU to make the appointment. So fingers crossed it at least means they are interested.

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