Sunday, June 24, 2007

What frame?

This week my photo course module was all about framing your subject, using natural frames. Yep, sounds easy enough but ....

when you live here and your main outlook is this

then there really isnt much in the way of natural frames.

In a postive frame '(ha ha) of mind I set out in search of that perfect subject to take though - despite the rain.
I tried taking the brook through the wooden fencing
but decide the banks made a better frame.

Of course the rubbish laying in the bottom of the water doesnt make it that wonderful a shot so I tried further afield.I couldnt get the angle right on the church spire and kept having to miss all the interesting bits in order to get the trees in as the frame

The church yard should have yeilded better results but when I finally found a frame to take the cross, the composition meant it ended up too low down

and I actually prefered it without the frame.

In desperation I tried macro and taking the shot through my key ring - but reckon I could make a better job of it in photoshop with a black vingrette.
So ...I have given up for this week and look forward to next weeks module.

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Kelly Matthews said...

Some nice photoys but I think you are right and mostly are better without the frame.