Friday, January 18, 2008

Busy because of illness!

Inner child kit by Rachel Bohall Desighns

With all these nasty viruses going round at the moment there has been lots of supply work on offer. In fact I had to turn some down today (one school have been so impressed with me they actually asked the agency specifically for me).

As much as I love teaching Reception and as much as I rarely get offered that year group I just couldnt do today. My poor baby herself has got the rotten flu thing and has been off work since Tuesday.
That in itself wouldnt have been enough for me to turn down the chance to earn a few pennies but she inadvertantely took some medication that she forgot she is alergic to. It causes her to halucinate. And now the doc has told her she cant drive. Although she is feeling better, she cant go back to school just yet and is feeling really down about it. So I am off over to see her where I am going to attemp to teach her to sew!!

In the meantime I have also been shortlisted for two interviews - fingers crossed. I would love a permenant job as suppy is just sooooo hard. Especially when they keep phoning up at 8.25 am!!!!

Some more stuff for the BPS - sorry I will get all the credits and upload as soon as I can.

Quick page by Gina Hoff from Weeds and Wildflowers
Holly elements from A-liya kit

Colours of Tuscany kit from Jen at Chaos Lounge


Sue said...

Wow ...wish i had been able to do more for the big pic..I will start again after the weekend when i am completely well. Make sure YOU don't get any of these dratted bugs!!

lyzzydee said...

Brilliant Layouts, I love the grow up one!!

Boo said...

Yizz you do make me laugh. Just snorted when I saw your Christmas one ... having fun my love? LOL