Sunday, January 06, 2008

Out for the count.

Its really odd, I am getting more hits on my blog than ever before due to the BPS links, but I am actually sliding down the chart. (I keep the link there so I can quickly go look at all the other crafty bloggies). I have concluded that tons of new people must have started up new blogs as the year started. This is great, more stuff to read and share!

I am really getting into the digi stuff again. I have realised that not ony am I far far quicker (I actually finish LO's in hours rather than days) but I can do things I would never be able to do with paper. This LO is a prime example. Its todays entry for the BPS, and in real life paper and glue there is no way I could print and crop all the photos to be the same shape and size. I just dont have the skills or patience. And since I made my own background paper for this one, I wouldnt have the cs supplies for real either.

Laura taking Bailey for a walk in July when he was but 5 months old. He is severly much bigger than that now and although boisterous, a real sweetheart. He is a Champagne retriever.
Frame is from Miss Mint After Midnight kit.

Yesterday I spent the entire day taking down the decs, sortign them into the boxes, cleaning, and an hour shifting the tv back to its rightful position and untying all the cables. I am so going minimalistic next year!

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