Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Following on from the lost passport saga (you may be pleased to hear tracking reckons the replacement will be with us in the next 72 hours) poor Laura phoned me up yesterday, just after I got in from doing a days supply to tell me she didnt have her car/house keys. She was still at work and stuck as her car had never had a spare key. So having just driven from Canterbury I had to go back again, fighting the rush hour traffic and the failing light (I am a hopeless night driver) to pick her up and take her home.

Luckily this morning her keys magically had appeared on her desk so a bit of a mystery as to where they had been but alls well and all that.

I am getting lots of supply work at the moment and really enjoying working in the school I am in right now. The house is a mess, there is no food in, and the washing is creeping out the bathroom door since we werent here at the weekend. Mmm, no I dont need full time work do I?

I am slowly attempting to go back and add all the credits to my BPS LOAD LO's - not easy since I have some stuff on disc and some stuff on the hard drive, but I will get there.

Blogger doesnt fancy my photos tonight so watch this space for more BPS LO's