Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crafts, LO's and more

Wow! The scrapbooking community are excelling themselves with free stuff intended to get us all beavering away with our scissors, glue and Bazzille in 2008!

Yesterday I got my first prompt email for Creative World's A-Z album, which is starting off today. I am not actually going to do an album, but use the prompts to give me a push doing 12x12 LO's for the albums I already have on the go.

Then I also discovered Anna's 365 challenge, daily prompts to make you get out your camera EVERY day this year (except did she forget it's a leap year?). Already there are 4 prompts up. This looks like fun and although she would like to get you scrapping the photo you do and journalling about it at the same time, the focus does seem to be on the photo taking to record your year. So I am going to have a bash at that too.

I am still keeping up with BP
S - this is attracting so much attention! Here are the LO's I have done for Days 3/4/5
Day 5
A quick page by B Derksen, (I never use these) but I have added a ribbon, some text and a pattern to the bauble.

Day 4
Messed about with a curling action to get the photos like that, I'm not very good at this 'throw everything at the page' style but I am going to keep trying.
Kiki Holbert swirls, Barbara Schiefer and J Baechtold kits, Sil & Nic clip and stitched circle,

Day 3
Nicole Kaltenecker Christmas Frames and a Kiki Halbert florishes that I changed the colour of.

I am using this as a digi springboard and each LO I am attempting to play with a different technique.

Yesterday I finally gave in and bought a decent 'fake' christmas tree in the B&Q sale. Its not that I am fed up with hoovering up pine needles (although this is becoming more of a bind) but I just dont think today's christmas trees do so well in central heating. As a child I am sure that the tree seemed to last longer and drop less needles. Mine had only been indoors 12 days yet when I undressed it yesterday, there was barely a needle still clinging to it, they were all in a heap on the floor.

Add to that the fact that in order to fit in in the front bay, we have to loose an armchair and move the tv unit (with associated perifials and wires), it is just too much effort just for Martin and I.

So for a little more than this years throw away version cost, we are now the proud owner of a 6.6ft slim aspen fir FAKE tree!


Boo said...

Oh Yizz you are so good at digi it makes me want to spit! :lol: Adore the elements on layout 3, so stunning. Good luck in the competition darling, let us know if you win anything.
Hugs Boo xxx

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