Sunday, January 13, 2008

Keeping up *Pant! Pant!*

Gosh doing all these LO's for BPS is a real marathon. I am keeping up - just, but it has meant time for blogging updates has been lost to Photoshop! Added to the fact that thursday and Friday I was called in to supply a lovely class of children in a school a bit of a hike away. Which gave me the opportunity to try out the new Ka car some more. Still no photo as now it has been on its two day cross country rally through all that torrential rain we have just had, it needs a good clean.

As well as digi scrapping and teaching, I have been trying to source some red striped and checked homespun material in order to make some soft toys from a brilliant book I have just got from Amazon. They are all christmas type dolls and bits and I really want to have a play but finding the right fabric has been a bit of a problem. I have finally found something not quite what I wanted but near enough on ebay and am now waiting for it to arrive. Watch this space should I be successful.

Today Kelly and Ollie had invited themselves for a roast dinner, so yesterday since Martin was home I dragged h
im around Tesco before rushing off to collect Laura and Wayne who had asked for a lift to the pub. They were off to a wedding and were meeting all the other guests there, but didnt want to drive. It has been a bit of a busy time for Laura as Wards had chosen the same weekend to hold an open house viewing of their house in hopes of getting a sale.

Now here is a cautionary tale - remember to give clear instructions when asking for something to be done!! I had promised that I would hire the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and clean Laura's
carpets for her on Friday, going halves on the cost and doing mine while it was out on the 24 hour hire. Work took presidence though so in order that Laura could get on with the job as soon as she got in from work herself, I asked my mum and dad to pick up the cleaner and take it to Laura's house. What I forgot to say was not to collect it until late afternoon so that I could do my carpets on Saturday and take it back late Saturday afternoon. Dad collected it at 10 in the morning. Meaning it had to be back by 10 on Saturday. So Friday became a marathon carpet clean in and Saturday we were up early to take the thing back. Still it has made an amazing job of them. We have been using them on a regular basis for some years but even I was impressed that it managed to remove all the oil that has spilled out of the deep fat fryer when it fell over in the pantry.

Anyway on to my BPS Layouts! I apologise for lack
of credits, I will find all the bits on my computer and see where they have come from, and when I have I will add them on.

More Shabby Princess. This is based on a card class by Andrea seen on this weeks Creative World, I just added photos and letters to her idea.

I felt like doing something a bit pretty pretty. Its another template - got the hang of the mask clipping now, and apart from adding the wording I've not messed with it.

Its ages since I used a template, I thought it would be a quick option but resizing all the photos and then remembering how to clip the masks actually took me twice as long. Its not a LO I could do in paper though as I am hopeless at cutting the photos all the same size. And I forgot to write all the credits down so I will add them as I find them again.

Ok first attempt at trying a style similar to Kate Hatfield's. In fact some of the elements are her design any way.

I enjoyed playine with this one, used an inky over lay and lots of a Shabby Princess kit

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