Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saga of a passport

In 4 weeks time Laura and Wayne have booked to go to Goa in India. This trip (quite expensive even though out of season) is their treat to themselves for all the work they did building their house. They are really looking forward to it.

Of course such a trip isnt as easy as jumping on a plane to Spain. It requires visa's and injections and such. So Laura went to dig out her passport so they could start preparing. Visa's apparentley take 2 weeks to come through and they only have 4 weeks, time is ticking. Except Laura couldnt find her passport.

Now most people would be able to say - well I used it last when I went to ... I know it must be in the house someplace. But for sometime Laura has been living between 3 homes. She has needed her passport for her CRB check with school, another one for Christchurch, to replace a driving licence as well as their last trip abroad. It could be anywhere. So we have all been on the hunt, but with no joy.

With no more time to look, she got her dad to get her a replacement passport form (which have to come from the main not the nearby sub postoffice) rushed off some photos and got Wayne's brother to countersign it. Then yesterday we were to take it into the post office for checking and posting post haste. Only Craig hadnt got the wording on the photo right, the photo wasnt showing all her eyes anyway, and some of the form was filled in wrong. So we took a trip into town to nab Laura at work to put things right. After wasting an hour and a half for her to come out of her teaching lesson, a new form was handed over. This time we decided to get my friend jan to countersign it. So last evening was spent pleasantly over a coffee and catch up natter while Jan did the deed.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will all be right now and we can send it off today. Hopefully the passport office will be quick, and RM efficient. Hopefully they will get their passports, their visas, their injections in time and wing their way off to far off lands!

Some more LO for BPS.

This is this weeks sketch for pencil lines. I knew it would be perfect for Kelly's wedding album which I still have tons of photos to do but had put aside while making christmas cards and stuff. Back to that chatterbox, but I hand cut the florish!

And a really quick one using some Automic Cupcake borders plus a kit I downloaded free but which didnt have any credits on it, its called Moments.

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lyzzydee said...

I hope you get the passportr back quickly, when we applied for one for my daughters boyfriend a couple of years ago in January, they decided to do a check on it and they wrote to the counter signatory to verify that he had signed it, they sent it to his work address and he was off work!! Nightmare as we were on a time limit as well.