Sunday, January 20, 2008

The one where I do some mother/daughter bonding, spend in the sales and ..oh yes, scrap!

A busy weekend.

I dashed into Canterbury early Saturday as I had heard that Wilkinsons were selling cheap plants, where I nabbed 5 raspberry canes, a blackberry bush, runner bean, pea and sweetcorn seeds plus some plant labels and a pair of gardening gloves for the princely sum of £14 ( I spent more than that on dad's raspberry canes alone last year!). I then remembered that I would need something half decent to wear to the theatre when we go next week.

Now try as I might it is just not easy to squeeze into a changing booth with raspberry canes and runner bean seeds in tow, even if I did loose 1.5LB at WW this week. So home again to drop of stuff and (following a quick visit by mum and dad) off out down to Westward Cross and a bit of a browse through the clothes sale racks.

While in Canterbury I had seen something I liked in H&M but not in my size so that was my first stop. OK not very upmarket but it wasnt a bad little dress for £20. Have you noticed just how hard it is to buy a dress? I mentioned before how few there were in M&S? No? Well in a whole 2 story shop full of ladies clothes they only had 3 dresses! One was bright orange!!! One was so low ALL my bra was on show, and one not in my size. So I was really pleased to find a dress even half suitable. I like wearing day dresses, much more comfortable and no worry about things matching, or having no waist so they gap or fall down. But it seems that they just dont sell them. I went in several shops were there were no dresses whatsoever.

So I was in cowpat heaven when I walked into Peacocks and discovered that for half of one wall there was nothing BUT dresses. Yeah ok. They were all very similar in colour and style, but I bought another two!! A new short jacket, a couple of cameo tops, a new pair of shoes and a top also found their way into my basket. Sales are brilliant, and if you wait for the crowds to die down there are still plenty of bargins to be found.

I was just about to plough into the handbag and jewellry sections when my mobile went off ... and then died. No one ever phones me. So I jumped back in the car and rushed back to see Laura - who had spent the entire day pulling her house apart looking for her passport. She needs it for her visa and to go to Goa in 4 weeks time and as it still hasnt turned up, panic arrises.

Today I took Laura back into Canterbury where we spent a pleasant hour mauling all the goodies in Jane Norman. Wayne's mum had bought a rather expensive jacket in there for Laura's chrissie pressie but it didnt fit her, so we had plenty to spend. And spend we did. And nattered, and had coffee and a brilliant morning.

Finally more BPS stuff.

Colours changed in PS but elements from Little flower Douceur au Caramel


Have_fun_go_mad said...

Hey mum...I had a great day too!! Was really good to natter even if it was over a massive coffee and hot choc! Thanks for looking after me this weekend!! Love you xxx

Boo said...

Just coming to see what you were up to and if you were alright. Hadn't seen you about as much lately and was just checking up on my mate. Love Boo xxx