Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh no he isn't!

Its been a busy few days, with supply work making me very much in demand. I finally managed to get a few days off and used them to catch up on the housework and washing.

Last night we got time off for good behaviour though to go to the local little theatre production's annual Panto. When the girls were little, it was the high light of the year, and part of Martin's christmas was to queue up for the matinee performance tickets from half 5 in the morning. Yes it was THAT popular. First saturday in December would see most of the town lined up waiting for their complimentary tea and toast breakie as they waited for the box office to open at nine and start dishing out tickets.

It was made that popular by our local Doctor Lee and the two evil henchmen. Wonderful actors who made the show what is is. As the girls got older, and with Dr Lee takeing retirement both from doctoring and acting, and dad no longer able to hear what was going on, we stopped going. We havn't been for some years, but Kelly has a new found interest since her friend Hannah started taking part in the products. This year she invited us and her grandparents along. She even got Grandad to try out a hearing loop (with great success may I add). And whats more, Dr Lee was back taking his usual part as the dame, and the two henchmen after a years lay off were also centre stage.

It was brilliant, with lots of traditional audiance participation (Its behind you!) songs old and new (even a Take That hit) a script that, as usual, had little bearing on the original fairy story of Sleeping Beauty, plenty of awful jokes and a gun that squirted most of the watchers in water. However the thing I found the funniest, and the best was the way the cast got round some very silly Health and Safety rules.

We had all been agast and dismayed to hear in our local rag that this year, throwing sweets into the audience for the smaller observers was to be prohibited. Apparently one theatre had recieved a complaint from some old lady who had been hit by a flying missile - sorry I mean candy. So in its usual heavy handed way, authorities had banned all those taking parts in Panto's this year from distributing unhealthy teeth treats from the stage. Stupid. One more sign of a world gone mad. Yet our fun was not to be dimmed. If the cast cant throw sweets, then simple, lets get those people sitting in the front row seats to chuck them about instead!!!

Anyway it was a good evening out and the only thing missing was Laura who I wish could have come too.

So BPS Load of this class is over. I amazed myself by keeping up and learnt a few new digi tricks along the way. Here are the last few LOs.

Joanne Bain kit

kit from Kim's designs (Kim Broedelet) called Loveable,
and is a scraplift from Carol (Croppy) on her design team

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