Thursday, February 21, 2008

A celebration!!

Last week Wayne sneaked over to see us on the pretext of filling his car with petrol in order to ask Martin for Laura's 'hand in marriage' and our blessings. He planned to ask Laura to marry him while they were away on holiday in Goa. He had also been out and bought her a stunning engagement ring.

Not able to share this news for fear of Laura finding out, we have been waiting for him to 'do the deed'. Last night our patience was rewarded, and I got a text message with two simple words - 'I'm engaged!'

Futher texts flying between India and UK revealed that she loved the ring and he had done the full romantic, meal, walk on the beach, down on one knee proposal.

So another wedding to look forward to, and a new album to bore all my blog readers with!!

Of course this is all tempered by the fact that we have had no further news (good/or bad) about Jo.

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