Monday, February 25, 2008


With still no good news (or any news come to that) on Jo its hard to think of other things going on, but go on they do. Martin has been on holiday all week so we have been getting the garden ready for the coming year. The cherry tree needed a good pruning - it should have been done in August but it was too big a job when in full leaf. We also noticed a lovely ornamental cherry tree near the house had split vertically through the trunk so most of that has had to come down for the sake of the conservatory too.

I planted heaps of seeds in the greenhouse, some gooseberry bushes and lots of raspberry canes, so looking forward to a fruitful summer (groan!)

I also made a start on the attic but it looks like its going to be quite an ongoing task.

We had dinner with Kelly and Ollie on Sunday, she tried out a new Jamie Oliver recipe on us. I don't particularly rate the guy but the steak in Guinness pie was delicious. We also went all the way to Bluewater just so Martin could go in the TFI Friday - our nearest being 60 miles away it was a bit of a trek for a beefburger.

I organised a little surprise get together for Laura and Wayne to celebrate the engagement. They were kinda out of it when they finally arrived back from Goa at half eight last night, but all the two families were there to crack open a bottle of bubbly, and look at the sparkly rock

- apart form Kelly and Ol, since it was a bit far to come out that late on a Sunday night for them, and we couldn't guarantee the plane would land on time.

I have also been crafting - I sent this one in as my entry to the BG challenge being run on A trip Down Memory Lane

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Paule said...

Hi Yvonne,
I haven't been here for a couples of days.
So much happend in your life duringt hat time!
Congratiulations with the engagement of your daughter! How romatic the way your future son in law proposed to her!!!
But also still no news of Jo!
I keep my fingers crossed she will wake up soon!
And you made a nice LO!
See you next time!