Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Inspired by reading/looking at the beautiful work on Vera Lim's blog this morning I fired up Photoshop and had a go at making my own backgrounds using a huge selection of brushes. (I finally found where I had stored them all on my pc). Its no where near as good as Vera's work but I am quite happy with it as a first attempt.

My own homemade background, and a variety of 'bits' found on the net free.

Today both Martin and I are off work. But we cant think of anything to do. I've told him at this rate we will have to join the Heritage group and start taking coach trips out like proper old people do. In the mean time I am on here and he has settled for 'Homes under the hammer'. I'm going to drag him out in a moment to go book some theatre tickets, Treasure Island is playing at the Marlow next month and Dad excited over his new found toy on the hearing loop, wants to go.

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