Thursday, February 07, 2008

No time to play

Today (and tomorrow) I have been called in to do some supply work so no chance of playing in my scrap room. Although tiring it was a nice day to go into school as the children were all doing plenty of activities to celebrate chinese new year, ending the day with a visiting troupe who demo'e some chinese lion dancing. So today its just a quick digi LO and to wish everyone Fung Hei Fat Choy.
Again lots of freebie brushes to make my own background.

I've just discovered that Prima hybrid have a forum...and a blog...and a gallery. I think it was just me but I kept loading the site and then getting lost. I didnt find it very easy to navigate for some reason. And even though I managed to register with the forum when it first went live, I could only ever end up in the shoppe. I desperately wanted to go join in the opening party but guess what ...I finally found it tonight. And its all over done and dusted. So now I'm off to see what else I've missed out there.

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elin said...

Me like.
Your digi`s makes me want to try.
I would need a "how do do - for dummies". One of these days I will find that manual.