Saturday, February 16, 2008

No good news

Another text from my friend yesterday to let us know that Jo has still not woken up, and was to have a brain scan, results in two days. Fingers and toes and everything else hoping that the scan is to check that brain activity is normal before forcing a regain of concience.

So I havent been doing a great deal of scrapping as its just too sad.

I have really only come on to blog so that I can record some of the good things going on (because there always are, no matter how sad you may be feeling).

Laura and Wayne have left this evening to jet off to Goa for the half term week. A well deserved break as they havent had a holiday since embarking on the property development game and worked so hard getting the house built, finished and sold (subject to buyer selling their gaff).

Kelly has invited us over for dinner tomorrow, and sent a text to say her boiler is now fixed and deep joy there will be hot water to do the washing up with!

Martin is on holiday next week. We went to Homebase for storage boxes so I can finally get up in the attic and store all my teaching stuff properly, and discovered they were having a 10% off day. So we ended up getting a new lawn mower, strimmer and wheelbarrow. Looks like its either the attic or the loft next week then.


Jen said...

Oh gosh, poor girl! Everything crossed here too. HUGS

Sue said...

Hope you get some good news soon