Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That wedding album

I didnt get called to do any supply today and since I had managed to catch up with most of the housework and shopping I had a bit of a lazy day.

Dad is feeling better and recovering from his 'man flu' (mum just had a cold) so they came over for a coffee, and then I took myself out to post two job applications and take a look round the local hairdressers.

I hate hairdressers. I dont mind the hair cut. I have the kind of hair that will look a mess whatever disasters or brilliance any qualified person with a pair of scissors can come up with). No its the 'small talk' with strangers, the intimidating atmosphere in the actual saloon. So I avoid them like the plague, and usually use one of those mobile hairdressers at my parents house. Except she has been under the surgeons knife twice in the last 6 months and still recouperating. My hair was last cut in September (if you dont count the hacking of the fringe in December) so is long overdue a trim.

Well I looked.... and thats as far as I got. How do they justify the price of a 15 minute trim??? So next time I am off, I may get really brave and go offer my head as a model.

I spent the rest of the day tidying up my scrap table and washing all my cutting mat, messy mat, and table. Now minus glue I can safely get on with the LO's for the wedding albumn. Today's Lo is a bit of a cheat as it is the second half of a double LO. I did work on the first side though as I decided I really didnt like the photo that I had accidently managed to get repro herma on, so I took the photo off and redid it, with a different photo. There are quite a few singles that need making into doubles so I could be doing those for a while.

Chatterbox papers (theres a surprise) E-Z rub rubbons and papermania ribbon

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