Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Journal D-F

D is for:


Deck the hall,
Dressing up

One of the reasons I learnt to sew was because it was way cheaper to make the girls dresses when they were younger than it was to buy them and with only one salary supporting all four of us, every penny saved counted. So it was no surprise that I soon started making dressing up outfits for their Christmas stockings as well. Mind you it wasnt all monitary reasoning. The first time dressing up gear made it to the stockings was when Kelly wanted a fairy costume. Unlike now when you can buy umpteen Walt Disney Bella or Cinderalla ballgowns for kids, or any mannor of leaotards with beautiful tutu's and angel wings attached, back in the mid eighties, children's fairy costumes were very hard to find. I searched high and low before ending up night after night surrounded in a pile of cheap net, sequins and elestic.

After that they became pirates, witches (complete with horrible warty black fingers with long green nails) nurses, and a whole host of other characters, and I got pretty good at raiding charity shops for stuff to convert into outfits. The two outstanding years when Santa excelled though was one, the Mr Blobby outfit, made from an old pink dressing gown, with large felt spots glued onto it, and which came complete with a full 'head' that the poor girls had to put over themselves completely, and even better, two, the Turtles-in-a-half-shell outfit. The pattern was in a woman's own mag, and a complete shell was made and stuffed and then somehow had to be tied onto the girls backs. I'm not sure the girls were that impressed as they didnt have them on for very long (mind they could just have been very uncomfortable LOL) but the one year Santa didn't include a dressing up costume caused quite a few moans and complaints so the following year it was back to the sewing machine for this elf..

E is for:

Eve (christmas)

I have actually managed quite a few photos over the years of us eating our christmas dinner, dad always wanted one to send to his brother in Aussie land and it was about the one time we were all sat in one place on the day. Last year I also thought to take a photo of the spread for boxing day. So there are a few ideas to be going on with - but what about a list of those fav. christmas films you enjoy, or an inventory of your day, a review of fine wines you will be offering at the table this year. a recipe or two? Or what is the thing you enjoy most about the day, the run up, the season?

Last year I journalled about entertainment. TV is banned at Christmas so we try to make sure we get a now board game each year to play after tea. Mind you its getting harder and harder to find one we don't already have, can play with dad (with him being deaf and all) or that Ollie doesn't win hands down. Oh and that doesn't have complicated rules that only I understand as I tend to end up in tears if the others dont play fair!

F is for:

Father christmas,

This year when I manage to catch some time, I am going to do a page on all the tradition food we seem to have. There are certain foodstuffs that are not necessarily traditional but that I always have to buy for the christmas season (and I am very upset that I cant find any cheesy footballs this year).

One of my past entries is Family for Christmas - Christmas day, family day and down to my mum and dad's house. The girls prefer to go there b ecause the house is bigger with a 20 ft long lounge so lots of spreading out space. Kelly's fiance joins us although the pair have to go visit his Nan in the morning, although this year (2005) they are only coming round to open presents as they are going to Ollie's sister for a big family thing there. And Laura's going to Wayne's straight after lunch so .....
Boxing Day is usually the day we go visit our bessie friends but this year (2005) all the family are coming to me to make up for lack of Christmas day visiting.

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