Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas journal I

I knew it was worth doing the journal prompts and stories on here. I have had an email from my eldest reminding me that I didnt cut the eye holes in the Mr Blobby suit and so her sister fell over the coffee table at my mum's house when she tried it on. I didnt actually forget to cut the holes, I left them until the hood was on so that I could get them in the right place, but in her eagerness to rush upstairs and show her grandad what she looked like as Mr Blobby Laura didnt wait, and tried to walk with her eyes shut and her hands out in front of her. The coffee table was low down so she missed seeing it, although she didnt miss walking into it!

I is for:


Incidents, we have had a few.
There was the year the boys persuaded June to join them down the pub instead of staying in to watch over the Christmas lunch cooking. They managed to hit the jackpot on the one armed bandit so by the time I turned up to spend Christmas tea time with them, they were all somewhat drunk, dinner was just that minute being served, and June, slightly under the weather, had to spend the rest of the day laying on her bed.
The Christmas morning we spent cuddling my dog waiting for the vet to come and give her a gold injection for her arthritus.
The Christmas afternoon after I had a huge row with my dad, when my mum actually sent Martin back home as he arrived at the door for his tea and presents because she had grounded me.
Or even the year we nearly had no lunch because Martin (who traditionally cooks Christmas lunch since I do every other part of Christmas) had spent the entire morning trying to get the wheel nuts off some old dear's car. She had got a punture driving out of her driveway and my hero went to the rescue.

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