Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Journal L- m

L is for


Lists lists and more lists,


'Lords a leapin''

I have always loved lights, I think my earliest memory of looking at pretty lights was when I was probably about 2 or 3 years old, when we lived on the Isle of Sheppy but would go on the train to visit my Nan who lived in Rainham. Probably to detract me from being bored or to keep me from falling asleep on the way home mum would direct me to 'look at all the lights' out of the train window, and there would be all the houses lit up on a dark winter's evening, flashing past the train window.
Mum was always making up games to keep Kevin and I occupied when we were walking (did a lot of that when I was young) or in Dad's sidecar, and at Christmas one of the favourite ones was counting the Christmas trees.My brother would have one side of the road, and I the other and the competition was on to see who could count the most decorated and lit up trees on our way home. Display trees didnt count, they had to be in peoples homes and had to have lights on. We still play it now!
Of course when I was smaller, unlike now where Christmas lights are plentiful and cheap to buy, it was practically unheard of to have more than one string of fairy lights, and they were put away from year to year, bought out early in December, untangled and then ages were spent attempting to find the one blown bulb and then hunting high and low for a replacement. It drives Martin mad that I prefer to go through 240 light bulbs rather than spend £4.99 on a new set, or that I spend most of half a day after twelth night carefully slotting the lights into those little plastic packaging racks and storing them back in their boxes.
Fairy lights make Christmas for me, and although I dont like these houses that go over the top and anything goes however garish, I am a fan of simplicity. Which is why I was so dissappointed last year and this year saw me driving along our road punching the air in happiness. The bungalow at the end of the road had a large extension and at the end of it, they put out their christmas lights out. All white, icicle lights along the roof eaves and white reindeer pulling a sleigh on the flat roof above the door. It was simplicty, but beautiful. .They did the same display for 3 years and then the reindeer dissappeared. I was so sad, but then this week I passed and the reindeer were back!!! Silly but it really made me smile.

M is for

Mince pies,

Mulled wine,
Midnight mass,


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