Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Journal G-H

The brilliant thing about this journal is that it is dip in, dip out and ongoing so there is no presure to keep up on a daily basis. In fact there are still some holes in mine even though I thought I did pretty well last year. So even if you haven't started yet, there is still time to do just a few of the letters and worry about the gaps next year :)

G is for:

Greenery (but remember we still have holly and tree to come)

Last years entry for me was 'gifts' I mentioned in passing The Big Red Fun Bus in A's journalling, here is the story in full.

I think the Big Red Fun Bus was probably the start of those years in the '80's when suddenly demand outweighed supply and toys became harder to track down. We did our best, Dad queuing before work for a Tamagotchi, pogs sent over from America and of course the BUS.
Mum and I went to Bromley South on the train to get all our gifts that year. I had been looking for the bus since Laura had wanted one when it was first advertised back in November but with no luck. So when we say it in the very last department store we went in, I just had to get it then. Can you imagine, this thing in its box was huge, plus mum had seen some cheap net curtains and decided to buy a house worth of them which we also had to carry back on the train along with all our other purchases. The other passengers weren't too pleased I can tell you but the look on Laura's face when she got her Christmas gift was priceless.

H is for



Hearth is in there because I want to do a page on my fireplace decorated for Christmas!

I am discovering there are heaps of things I should have taken pictures of through the years and am so sad that I didnt. I couldnt find one single photo of a christmas cake yesterday - 50 years of cakes and not 1 photo!!!
I actually went for Holy last year as I had already done c three times and wanted to write about singing Carols round the Christmas tree so it was entitiled Holy, Holy, Holy as in the song.

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