Monday, December 22, 2008

Just remembered

that I have a blog and really should be keeping up with it.

I would say its all the hussle and bussle of getting ready for christmas but that would not be very true as I have done just about everything needed to be done apart from the baking which Laura and I are doing together tomorrow. I guess the real reason is that life is just not really exciting enuough at the mo. Although .....

Sunday I took a trip down to Margate to look in the Craft Central in Wyvale garden centre. I've not been there before, and now, on very short notice the whole company has shut down, so there were huge discounts to be had, so all those posting on UKS were saying. Armed with directions from multi-map off I went.

I was a bit nervous because in the past, any times in fact, when Kelly was a babe, I would pack her in the car, pick up my mum from work and go off to Ramsgate in search of the market. We would start our journey full of enthusiasm and a long shopping list, only to get lost on the isle of Thanet. Because once there, every single road seemed to be the same and there are an awful lot of roads over there. Eventually Kelly would be car sick and we would give up and come home. Why am I retelling all this? Because the Wyevale is built on the very site that the market used to stand on!! And once more I very nearly didnt find it, as my multi-map instructions were far from accurate, missing out the final turn off into the road where the shop is.

I am glad I did find it, because what a bargin I managed to nab. I had lost hope in getting my electronic die cutting machine, not being fussed on if it was a robo or a cricut, as my birthday money had fallen a long way short of even a second hand model, and with supply work short on the grounds bills are taking priority at the moment. But they were selling the ex-demo model for £75!!! Well over less than half price of a new one!

Today I have been playing with my trial copy of design studio and sure-cuts-a-lot and have made some funky named labels for the place settings I am doing for the christmas table. I need to save up now for the full software and for a new mat as the demo one is rather tired. But wow! What a bargin! One happy little bunny here.

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