Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like..

Actually its been looking like Christmas in my house for two weeks now, but look I got a wiget christmas tree on my blog! Never had a wiget before, and I am so excited I managed to get it on correctly first time out!.

I usually go pretty overboard with decorations but this year I rather fancied a more homespun folk art type of affair and so things are a tad toned down (yeah I am getting older and am fed up with spending a week putting up the stuff from the 6 large boxes of decs and then another complete day packing away and tidying).

The biggest change is that we dont have a live tree this year, they were just getting far too expensive and worse were only lasting a short time before ending up as brown twigs standing in a heap of pine needles.

Being smaller, the fake one now gives me the option of sorting out all my decorations by colour and colour coding the tree as I need far fewer baubles to make a show.
Being short I struggle with ceiling chains, and these are becoming a rarity in the shops anyway, so since Martin has to put them up, and has been working really hard at the store this year, I decided not to bother with those either.

I've even gone minimalistic on the wrapping, but I did get out my ribbon shedding kit and spent quite a while on the decorations on them.

So having abandoned most of the traditional things I went the whole hog and did NOT put up all the old stuff - its still in the box!!
And you know? I'm not too dissappointed with the look? In fact I am quite happy with it, and far less exhausted so can actually enjoy them.

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