Monday, December 15, 2008

Lots of crafting

Last minute Christmas card (there were more but the photo I took is blurred and they are all in envelopes now) :

Hero arts stamp and lots of Ranger distress ink, and stickles glitter

Free digi kit, quickcutz snowflake, nestabilities small scallop circles, more glitter.

My white twig:

I told of how when we were smaller mum would go out and get a twig, paint it white and hang bits on it? Martin and I went to the woods last week on the way back from dropping my car of at the garage for its annual service to look for pine cones and a suitable twig. You would think that in a whole wood full of twiggy type trees for copicing, there would be one twig that was somewhere near right? It took us ages to find one even half twiggy enough and we got very muddy into the bargin, to say nothing of freezing cold because neither of us had coats. We did see a couple of woodpeckers though which was a treat.

Anyway finally with our twig (and a couple of larger stand by branches) we came home and I painted and glittered it.

I also forgot to blog about our trip a week ago last sunday to buy a couple of Poinsettia plants. Every year a nursery out at Staple hold what is now called a poinsettia walk. We first went about 7 or 8 years ago, as it was quite a lovely event. You could walk round the whole nursery but the focus was on the greenhouses full of every posible variety of poinsettia.

The local lions sold gifts, food produce and run the refreshments, carols and christmas songs were played and lots of local people went, There was a great atmosphere.

Over the years though, the nursery has made it a more commercial rather than 'Christmas' event, put on more open days and in general it has not been as good. Last year we didnt bother to go, but the plants my mum got from Tesco didnt last anywhere near as long or look as good, so this year off we went again.

You couldnt fault the choice ....

or so it would seem.

These ones are all destined for decorations for Ford car show rooms or Saga offices. This is where the Lions held their refreshments in past years.

These are also all booked out to go to supermarkets and couldnt be bought by the general public.

The Lions were relegated to the greenhouse out the back and the gifts and such were for the profit of the nursery not the benifit of charity as they had been in the past.

This small greenhouse was where all the ones for sale were.

And there were no songs, no music, no atmosphere, just a commercial enterprise. So sad that it has become nothing more than a means to make money. I came home and got my plant in Morrison.

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