Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas A-ZJournal

Last year I gave prompts to all the Pad girls for an A-Z Christmas journal. It seemed to prove quite popular and I wanted to repeat it on my blog this year. Unfortunately I cant find where I have saved it (I have a ton of backup discs) but Izzy managed to find her saved prompts on a Word doc, and sent them back to me. Se hadnt saved all of the anectdotes I had added as part of my journalling, but then I thought, well thats ok because I can simply add to my own album.

Since this is the third year of journalling Christmas it is beginning to build into quite a good record of our families Christmas. So I am now trying to redo all the pages, keeping the design but using just one range of paper (Basic Grey as each year their papers are similar) to make a more cohesive album.

Although it is nearly half way to Christmas I have decided to put my prompts on my blog incase anyone else starting late wants to play too.

A is for:-

Advent calander
Advent swap!

Last year I chose Angel and wrote all about the old plastic doll wrapped in a crepe paper skirt held on by an elastic band. The year before I wrote about our special advent calender that holds slots for little pictures that build up into a full santa workshop scene, that I have had to remake for both my DD's so they can take them off to their new homes/lives but continue the traditions. My A-Z of Christmas is beginning to build up into quite a collection of christmas stories (Hey look who's just finished Jessica's Stories in Hand class LOL)

Anyway this year I have decided to go with Availability. Across the years, possibly more so since the early 80's, there has always been that one christmas toy that all the kids have wanted. I have quite a few interesting tales of poor DH queueing (well I wasnt getting up to stand out in the cold.) The 5.30 am scramble for tamagotchas (and we needed two!), the search for a Big Red Fun Bus that took us to Croydon and had to be lugged back on the train, The Turtles in a half shell anything year when I told my two they were common and everyone wanted that so be different and think of something else (can you beleive they fell for it?) But I think my favourite story is the one from my own childhood.

Everyone who was anyone was getting Trolls (the first time round, the original ones). Along with Gonks, each month a different troll character was released. My cousin (who got everything new going as soon as it hit the shops) had every one. I just wanted one, but I knew they were too expensive for my parents to buy me one. On christmas morning however I woke up to not one but 5 tiny tiny little trolls. Ok they were made in tiwain knock offs and even more dissappointing they had no hair. But my mum sat and (now dont laugh) cut the feathers off the dog's tail and used the dog hair to dress up my tiny trolls. I knew my mum could see my dissappoinment at not getting a real troll, although she had tried her best on her budget. Fast forward 25 years to another christmas and there was an extra present on my pile. Yes,m 3 original trolls. Mum had seen them in a boot fair and remembering how sad I had been all those years back had bought them for me and wrapped them up.

B is for:

Buying presents,
Brussel sprouts,
Branch (see why below)
(and in our house) Box, because we always 'get christmas out the box' when we get our decs out the attic.

Last year I wrote about the special bauble I put on the tree to remember my brother who is no longer with us.

I want to revive an old tradition that used to happen in my house when we were children. Nowadays you can actually see white branches for sale in the shops but one of our traditions was to go out in the fields and scrubby tree land around my house and find a reasonable branch or set of twigs. When we got them home we would help to 'paint' them white (usually with the stuff that came in a tube for cleaning white pumps) and then we would stand it in a milk bottle and decorate it with either sweets from the quality street tin or with home made silver foil bells, and a few left over baubles from the tree. It would then stand in our window or on the kitchen sill.

I thought as a child that this was something every one did to decorate their home but I havent managed to find anything else about doing this on the net or in any christmas book so it would be interesting to know if anyone else did this.

C is for:

Christmas cake,
Cranberry sauce,

So far my journal covers cakes, cards and christingle but can't understand why I haven't gone for chocolate yet.
We always had a tin of Roses whilst DH's family always had a tin of Quality street. Now mum and I wait until the 2 for one deal comes along and then have half a tin of each. DH's mum always had a chocolate orange, while DH always has walnut wips (milk choc vanilla - and boy are they becoming hard to find). The girls always buy DH a toberone. Oh and the year Santa bought the Roundtree choc selection box instead of the Cadbury ones caused both girls to complain very strongly insisting that Santa only deals in Cadbury!

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