Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ahh well.

Which just about describes how I ha
ve been feeling all day.

The weather has been awful, gales, rain, sleet and at one point there were very large snow flakes coming down in the rain. I just couldnt really be bothered to do much. I did go and have an informal visit at a really lovely school where there is the chance of a 3 day job share going. But already, after only 2 days of advertising he has had 14 applications and a lot of interest in visits. Plus the two women going round with me just seemed so much more suited than me. So .. ahh well!

I then spent the rest of the day putting all the photos on my discs into ACDSee. I used to have this program when I first started using digital photography about 7 years ago and couldnt rate it high enough. But somewhere along the line it got lost and forgotten. It cropped up in conversation on the Pad today and immedietly I rushed to download a copy. Mind eons ago it was freeware but now it apparently costs money ...Ahh well.

I downloaded a trial version anyway because you can tag the stuff you have saved on discs and veiw it even without the disc in the drive. Now all I have to do is choose the photo I want, use ACDSee to cross reference the disc it is on, find the disc and voila. Way easier than sitting here with a pile of discs all labeled 'photos'. Martin got stuck on the A20 as Operation Stack was put into place. Honestly what other country uses their motor ways as a lorry car park every time the wind gets above force 3? Yet another ...Ahhh well.

But this evening I did some digi scrapping. I used some of Kirsty Wiseman's kit, some of Shabby Princess's Seasonal Sampler kit and some bits from A taste of India by J Sprague. Kirsty has come along way from last week when I talked her through her first digi, and I notice this evening she has just put up her second digi kit for us all to share. She is putting me to shame and maybe its about time I started designing a few bits??...Ahh well!!!

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