Friday, January 12, 2007

Another kit by Kirsty

And it is fab! She has put the download link on UKS so go grab it if you want to play. I have combined the two kits she has done so far to do this LO. Added my own touches by converting her background paper to a pattern fill for the arrow, used a few snowflake brushes on the backgound and colour filled a few of her bits. Plus there are a few elements from a kit called Heaven on Earth by Sunflower

For those of you who dont know and want to give it a try, making a fill pattern from an existing pattern is really simple. I use photoshop 7 so my instructions are for that.

1 Open the background paper you want to use as the pattern fill.
2 Use the marquee tool if you only want a bit of the pattern to select or Use select all if you want the whole pattern.
3 Edit>define pattern and give your pattern a name, click ok
4 Click on the fill icon and then change foreground to pattern. On my software this is on a drop down menu at the top left hand side of my screen.
5 Find the pattern you have just made on the drop down pattern menu
6 Use the fill icon to fill in your pattern

This is my eldest daughter who is 25 now. Grandad used to let her get away with murder including making huge snowballs in the garden with just her tights on and no coat!


Suzanne said...

ooh Yizz, love the look combined!

scrapdolly said...

Looks fab mixed - I love it x