Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home made cakes

in a book.

I didnt fancy doing confessions as my theme for Shimelle's free class but the finished results did inspire me and it looked so simple and quick. So I rooted through my years of photos and came up with the idea of recording all in one place all the home made birthday cakes I have made the girls and Martin across the years. Now this is rather a lot because for every birthday the girls had there would be a party for the family and another for the girl's friends, so with the one for hubby that is at least 5 cakes a year and Kelly is now 25.

Of course I took photos of every one, of them blowing out the candles and of the cake sitting pride of place on the tea table. But I couldn't find them all. I know for a fact I was quite practiced at The Hedgehog cake with the chocolate button spines, and there was one year when we scoured the shoppes for old fashioned lace licourice to make train tracks for The Train cake. What happened to the pictures of the cake shaped like a huge wedge of (bright) yellow cheese with the sugar mice sliding down it?

Anyway I used the front part of the little 4x4 freebie mini album that came with this months SI mag and lots of scraps of paper to produce all the cakes for Laura from birth to age 7 and this is the result.


Heather said...

Wow - two home-made cakes for each girl for each birthday?? What a Mum!

Di said...

I popped in to peek at your cakes.........they look gorgeous!

Great take on Shimelles Class :-)

lemon said...

oh yizz i just love the cakes. what a fab idea

scraphappy aka sandy said...

yummy!! layouts are fab