Friday, January 19, 2007


Why, oh why did photo developing companies stop printing the dates on the back of your photos? It would make life so very much easier.

I am now working in Excel to put 'clues' as to what year the photos I have piled up here might be from. Things like - that year we had the brown 3 piece suite, or thats the year we still had the climbing frame that end of the garden' or even 'the girls are wearing the dresses I made for Mother-in-law's wedding anniversary so it must be..

I tell you it is doing my head in!

And I seem to have more unwrapping christmas present photos than there is years.

Oh course what all this means is that I can no longer step into my craft room because the floor and table are covered in LO's and photos in attempts to cross-reference everything. Which is a shame because I have just downloaded the instructions for Shimelle's class, and although I dont fancy the subject matter, the idea of that simple little book is something I could have easily gone for.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally in agreement about the date on the back of a photo malarky! Would make life so much easier! :o)