Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dead lucky!

Martin has gone to golf this morning and since most of the housework was up to date I decided to treat myself with a little scrapping, surfing and playing one of my new pc adventure games. First, I thought, I'll update my little ipod shuffle so that I can listen to music while I scrap. But I couldnt find it.

I knew I had had it fairly recently as I nearly gave it away to my mum in a pile of stuff she was taking home, so I hunted high and low. Eventually with no place left to look I started on the recycling sacks which were ready to go out for collection tomorrow.

What a good job I did. Not only was my ipod sitting at the bottom of the sack but so too was the attachment for fixing my tripod onto my camera!!!
I am going to reposition all the wastebins away from desks and tables now.

Anyway after all the excitement I finally got to do a little bit of scrapping and did the July page for my birthday book. Lots of Chatterbox papers, prima's, some Anita's ribbons
and my beautiful youngest daughter

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Jen said...

OOh blimey Yizz! Close shave!!