Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh God I ache

You wouldnt think you could use so many muscles just painting - walls that is not LO's. But I have sure discovered a few muscles I didnt think I was ever going to need to use again this weekend.

Laura and Wayne have got to the stage of the build where the new plaster needs three coats of paint...all of a three bedroom, two reception and kitchen/dinner detatched chalet bungalow! Thats a lot of walls, and a lot of paint and a lot of painting.

So I have been giving them a hand. And its hard work.

Still now we have got the colour on the wall it is beginning to look like a house now instead of a building site. Second fixings start next week and then it shouldnt be long for the plumber and kitchen, then flooring to be completed. I am going to miss having the two of them around when Laura moves out.

I have been playing around with 'actions' in photoshop. I have discovered a good site here and using the auto colour one. OK its not going to do wonders for the composition of my old 70's and 80's photos when photo technics and processes where pretty dire but it has managed to at least make photo's of my babies scrapable

Before photoshop play
After photoshop play


lyzzydee said...

Yizz that is brilliant!! I am going tohave to leave all you can teach me as I have a load of off colour photos tat need serious treatment. Just need a working pc to reload all my stuff onto now.
sob sob

Heather said...

Seeing the "before" and "after" shots shows what an improvement there is.

And what a nice Mum you are, helping with all that painting. :)

Heather said...

oo now that is a fab neat trick! Actions is a great tool, what a difference it made :D

joanna said...

Ooh Yizz, that is absolutely FAB! What a difference :) xx

Caz said...

WOW, what a difference. Many of the pictures of my childhood look like your before picture...Must learn how to make them look better.