Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So I think I have earnt it, since my parents led me a bit of a song and dance this morning. To be honest it was my own fault, but I still got a tad worried and worked up.

Yesterday Mum had asked me to take her out to help choose some jewellery to go with her outfit for THE wedding, but I had to wait in for Martin's upgraded contract phone to turn up. By the time I got round to Mum's, my cousin was visiting so in the end we didnt go out. But I said I would take her today and would ring in the morning.

This morning I rang and got no answer. I continually rang her for three hours. I even drove over to their place and checked up the allotment. No joy. I just couldnt understand why she wasnt answering her mobile.

After three hours it finally dawned on me that I was ringing the home number and not the mobile - derr - but in my defence I have also just got a different handset and am not used to using it yet.

Suffice to say they were fine and had gone to pick up dad's new glasses. I say new, they were new before christmas but the lens fell out. He took them back and asked for a new frame as the one they were in was bent. After a lot of debate and looking at the frames the shop decided the lens had fallen out because the frame was too small and thats why it had bent. Solution - well common sense would have said get a new frame the lenses fit but no, dad had to keep the bent frame and have another lot of lenses made. Go figure?

So as I said, I am listening to a wonderful little site - Radio blog club - and chilling out to a little bit of Steely Dan while scrapping.

This is one result. A not very brilliant attempt at Scrapdolly's class for this week on UKS.

I found a heap of photos dad must have taken of the girls when they were younger, except I wasnt there when he took them so I have no reference for what when and where. Its fun trying to work it out though.

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Jen said...

Steely Dan?!?!? OMG! I must go on Radioblogclub.com and get me some. I love that site - you should see my "favourites", very eclectic LOL