Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy birthday mum!

For yesterday. A bit late but blogger has been down for maintenance.

The family took her to the Toby Cavery for her birthday, the food wasnt up to its usual standard, being a tad overcooked but the company was good, and Kelly got all excited sharing the plans she has now got round to making for her wedding. About time she got organised with only 8 weeks to go. I didnt actually take the camera though as we have so many pics of us eating at either the cavery or the Harvester its getting silly.

Today I had to phone Occupational Helath so that they could finally tick me as fit to be back at work. I guess the guy I was talking to must have realised I was fit and well as I didnt pull any punches letting him know that they hadnt really done anything to help me. He made lots of suggestions for should it happen and the same situation arise again but I was quick to point out that it was too little too late. He did have the grace to apologise and say that lots of really good improvements had been made in the last year. Well no good for me though eh?

One thing he did say though was that the back spasms I suffered from 3 years ago could have been the result of stress - early indication, if only I could have read the signs.

But better than Occ Health saying I was fit, was the observation made by the librarian at my local library. They are all lovely lovely ladies that work in there, its only a little sub library so they get to know all their customers. Not only that Kelly worked as a Saturday girl there before going off to Uni so I know them better than most customers. Anyway today I chose 9 books, and she looked at the pile and said 'All those?' Before I could answer she added 'Thats more like you, we were really worried when you were only taking out 4 or 5'. I hadnt even noticed but the truth is that when I was suffering I simply couldnt concentrate long enough to choose my full quota. It felt really good to know I am now back to 'normal' (whatever normal may be!).


Jen said...

HUGS! It's nice to see you getting back to normal :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Yizz's Mum.

So pleased that you are on the mend stress can be a tricky little blighter xxx