Thursday, January 04, 2007

What have I done today?

The day didnt start too well as Martin informed me the car was making rotten nuts and bolts noises and it turned out half the exhaust needed rebuilding at the pricely sum of £85. Then he needed new shirts for work as his have now all but fallen to bits. Good for Tesco who had some dirt cheap in the sale. Its really not worth him getting decent ones when he is filling shelves and pulling stock around but despite the fact he is management and is not supposed to do the heavy stuff he seems to do more of that than anything else.

Then most of the rest of the day was spent hoovering up pine needles as Martin took the tree down. The rest of the stuff is still up so tomorrow I will take it all down, box it up and do a really good clean.

I wanted to do some crafty bits - I am trying to use the wonderful calendar by Clare Brown in the last of the Creative Scrapbooking mags (I finally tracked down a copy) as a base to making a birthday book. I have nearly finished January but got sidetracked looking for the instructions to a waterfall book for a friend and now the scrap room is awash with paste mags and I cant actually see the table.

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