Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Acrylic albums

The latest craze, and not one to be left out I really wanted to have a go, I just didnt have a clue where to start. Thanks to the wonderfully tallented Lemon who posted very clear instructions on how to make one using OHP sheets, (Its a Creative World) and a thread on UKS asking to see everyones examples, I managed to make one of my own. The photos are of our recent escapades with our friends, on a pub walk, down near Wlamer Castle.

The pub - well it was what we had gone for really. It doesnt look much from the outside but the inside was very olde worlde, and the food was varied, hot, tasty and plentiful. I started off following Lemon's instructions to the letter but I didnt have any suitable rub ons so tried doing my own through the printer with CS3, plus a marker pen. I did actually get better as I went on.

We never can agree on the route even with very clear instructions in the book. I used lots of Crate Paper. The arrows were from the shapes in CS3

Once we had our bearings we made a start - across the road, up hill and into the countryside. Except we had actually wanted to promenade along the sea side

Which is where we ended up - getting wet in the sea!

I made a few mistakes along the way, but it was a step learning curve and I am quite pleased with the end result. Foe some unknown reason the holes I punched to bind the whole thing together didnt line up at the end, although they had at the start, so I used a strop of cardstock to make a spine and then sewed two bits of OHP together with my LO inside. This works really well as it makes the OHP pages much thicker.

I still need to bind it together but have to restock on book rings, but it was fun to make, quick and once I got the hang of it, not too hard. So thank you Lemon for a great class.


Toni said...

Gorgeous album hun, well done

sammismum said...

looks lovely

Heather said...

Stunning Yizz, really gorgeous!