Monday, September 03, 2007

Bikes, garden, cat bbq, hols, cards and ...other bits


We have been saying we would do this for ages - we kept putting it off because Jan didnt have a bike and although she kept saying she would go out and buy one she never did.

Last weekend Laura (who no longer wants her bike since she moved out and now has a dog to walk) let Jan have her bike. No excuse!

So yesterday Jan, Trevor Martin and I rode along the promenade from Whitstable to Herne Bay. (about 3.5 miles each way) It was a beautiful sunny day and the way was packed with people but they were lovely at moving and letting us ride past. Then we stopped at The Bandstand - which has been converted into a bandstand come pub, had a drink or two and listened to the brass band.

Coming home was hard work - the wind was against us, and we had forgotten that three out of the four of us are pushing the wrong side of 50 and although Martin has played 2 rounds of golf this weekend and Jan had spent 3 hours on a horse this morning none of us can say we are fit.

God does my bottom hurt now But no one was put off and we ARE going to do it again.

Square foot garden part 1

This is the start of my Square foot gardening - there are two of these and this is what they looked like last wednesday

This is what they look like today, already the lettuces in two squares are coming through - note to self use an indelible pen or pencil on the plant tags as I cant remember which is carrots and which broccoli - plus in there too is strawberries, on gooseberry bush and loads of cabbage plants.


Did I mention that my poor little puss cat Pumpkin had to go to the vets last week, yes well he has had a bit of a sleeper thingie in his eye for a few weeks but it wasnt bothering him and I guessed he just wasnt washing properly first thing in the morning, but when Wayne and Laura came over last Tuesday he suddenly had a very watery eye and made out he couldnt open it. So Laura booked me an appointment and came with me to help me deal with him. He hated the ordeal as the vet's she used has a surgery on a very busy road with large floor-to-ceiling windows in the waiting room. So Mr-I-am-terrified-of cars-and-large-dogs had to sit for some time waiting his turn.

Of course the vet could find nothing wrong with the faker but sharged me £33 anyway for some conjunctivitis cream 'just in case'. Now anyone who has had to attempt to put eye drops into a cat's eyes, on their own with no one to hold the blighter down will appreciate that this has been a very long 5 days of appying the lotion!!!


Mum and dad are away on their holidays. They flew out to Portugal on Saturday. At 12 noon on Saturday I got a phone call, they had been delayed for 4.5 hours at Gatwick. They eventually got to their hotel at 2 in the morning, 12 hours after their plane was due to leave England and 16 hours after they left home. I hope the rest of the holiday goes better for them.


I have been busy using my new Magnolia stamps to start my christmas cards. Everyone is going mad over these stamps and they are not easy to get hold of but my lovely on-line pall Andrea did a bulk order for a few of us girls and we managed to get them very quickly from source. Thank you Andrea, they are fabby. So much so that when I showed them to Kelly she promptly ordered 4 and got into a little bit of strife from Ollie for spending her cash! Oops!

Other stuff

Last week I felt brave enough to phone up and try to get signed on to a supply agency. They have finally phoned back today to give me an interview date in ....10 days time. Good job I am not desperate! No wonder schools say they cant get supply staff. Not only that I have to pay £41 for the priveledge of being CRB checked (again!!)

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