Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yes Wow! So much has happened over the weekend and all of it has the wow factor, so much so I dont really know where to start. But start I must.

Friday Martin had his day off - which was meant to be used to clear out the garden shed as we had mice squatting that needed evicting. But as we sat chatting over our breakfast coffee I asked him what he had planned for his week off at half term.

"Weeeelll what I really want to do you wont" he said "But I'd like to go on holiday somewhere exotic, not Europe"

"So why do you think I wont want to do that?"

And that was enough to send us off to the Travel agency, to return with arm loads of books for far flung holidays.

God the choice was overwhelming, we had to narrow it down so I suggested that since just this once we wouldnt be going with our friends, and our friends were adamant they didnt want to go to America, and since the dollar was so weak against the pound maybe USA was where we should be going.

Of course we hadnt bought any brochers home for that so back to the Travel Agency for more armloads of books.

Eventually, by taking out all the places too far to go to in 7 days, or those that were too hot, needed injections, or we plain didnt fancy we settled on Florida. We quite fancied the Keys but alas, back at the Travel Agency every where below Orlando was booked up or way over our budget. Martin then left me in the TA while he nipped into work to see if he could change his week in the hope we would be able to get a better deal. Well yes we could but still not down at the Keys, so that is for next time LOL

So I can hardly believe it but in three weeks time we will be down in Florida and swimming with dolphins!!!!!!!!

Of course there will also be a little bit of shopping going on since Michaels is only 3 mins drive from our hotel!!!

If that wasnt wow enough, on Saturday and Sunday (and all though the night) Laura's fella Wayne, and the cricket team he plays for, were involved in a marathon cricket match to raise money for Pilgrims hospice and to beat the World record for the longest game. Laura was catering and Wayne was doing the gruelling game.

I dont think they quite knew what they had let themselves in for, but they started with great enthusiasm, and 35 hours later ended in high spirits although bone weary with exhaustion. I think the most sleep any of them had was about an hour. Laura didnt stop either, having to supply heaps of food, endless cups of tea AND run the bar with only the other three girls who help out. The four of them were relentless and refused to go rest while the lads were playing.

So well done lads, and lasses. And I know they have raised heaps of money for the cause.

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