Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Studio g stamps

Alongside Magnolia stamps it seems studio g stamps are also very popular this year - I discovered these in the Paper Mill at the start of the year and bought every set they had, well you have to at £1.49 a set don't you? The new release Christmas designs didn't grab me quite so much, mainly because several were close to designs I already own in other makes but I still came out with 5 sets. So this evening I put away my Magnolia's and got out the Studio g to see what I could manage.

I am pleasantly surprised by the versatility of these little stamps, and they are little. But that's good 'little'. A stazon black pad and I could finally get some text on to ribbon (yes I know but I always mess up trying to put ribbon through my printer).

I've also discovered Stazon. Well I say discovered. I was always wary about using it because I know it eventually ruins your stamps and since I am such a messy worker was sure I would have it Staying On everything in sight. So its sat in my box for about 3 years, only seeing the light of day for use on transparencies, but fed up with getting my versafine ink everywhere, and it running when I tried to colour in my Magnolia's with watercolour pencils, I got it out tonight and am suitably impressed. I have done some hybrid work on this card, using Miss Mint's Party Pants kit but playing with hue and saturation in photoshop to gain a more christmassy colour.

Today I had an interview to sign on for the Teaching Supply Agency. An hour filling in forms and very few questions about my ability.Mind they did say they had had an extremely glowing reference from the Nursery!

And tomorrow I get to stay in all day and wait for my new fridge/freezer to arrive. Yes our vouchers for the replacement finally turned up, swiftly followed by a letter saying they had been cancelled, but we sorted that out and went out and chose the new one on Tuesday.


Heather said...

WOW that is stunning! Hope the FF turned up :D

dry bones said...

oh love that!!!!