Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick christmas card

Just playing with my new studio g stamps as Kelly and I took a trip out to spend money on stash in order to celebrate her passing (with flying colours) her first accountancy exam. It wont be long before my clever baby is a fully qualified accountant. We liked the christmas greeting background stamp but it had sold out so I know this is a very tatty card, it is just an experiment but by combining all the words from the various sets of those lovely little stamps together on one block I managed to make a background stamp of my own. Next time I think I will use a coloured embossing ink because it was difficult to line up the words when I couldnt really see where I had stamped, but we live and learn.

Martin finally phoned up sky this evening about my (lack of) broadband. He then passed the tech over to me because Martin is computer illiterate. Trouble was a) the bloke had a scottish accent, the one accent in the world I cant get an ear for, and b) I have moved the computer into the crafting room and the phone no longer reaches the computer. So lots of 'can you repeat that' and 'hold on I'll write that down and get back to you in a sec' before he ended up giving me a ticket to Tier 3. T3 are going to work on the problem and get back within 3/5 working days.

Oddly enough once off the phone and rebooted I could get on the internet and its been super fast all evening. We will see.

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