Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi ho!

This poor pathetic little man usually can be found climbing up the wall of my porch on his ever continuing quest to reach the roof of the house. Of course this prolonged clamber in all elements can take a toll on your outer wear and equipment so yesterday I bought him down for a little TLC and R&R in base camp.

I sat in the garden in the sunshine on the lawn (where I could make as much mess as I liked with my acrylics without having to worry about carpets or tiles being stained) and gave him a complete new lease of life. Suzanne and Trini eat your heart out!

I really should have used a fine nib paint brush for some of the more intricate parts that some lagers cant reach because then he may have ended up looking less like a painter and decorator and more like a mountaineer. But hey! He is still happily making his way up to higher ground.

Not so much me, as it would seem that while enjoying my laze on the grass I was actually trespassing on the local ant community, and now have a zillion bites on my back and bum to prove I outstayed my welcome.

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