Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have bought three filters for my trusty Fugi S5500 in readiness for my holiday. I am dropping hints so hopefully someone will offer to pay for them for my birthday (wink wink nudge nudge daughters?) The first is a straight forward UV protector for all that Florida sunshine, the second is a circular polariser which is supposed to enhance the sky to make them beautifully blue - well it just about is noticable in this but then

perhaps we dont have the right blue skies in this country.
The final one is called an 812 warm filter and is supposed to be exclusive to Tiffen for portrait shots. I did like the fact I could see my reflection in the lens so that I could finally line up a self protrait shot!

Other news

Bazooka it away - is what I am using on my thumb as I seem to have picked up a wart/varuca/virus and it hurts!

And Martin is over the moon, because he has managed to pick up some footie tickets. Trev, our bessie mate, is a staunch Leeds supporter, they are both Gillingham supporters as that is our local team, and this Saturday Leeds play Gillingham. The guys had talked about going for some time but Martin didnt think he would get the Saturday off. Due to a mess up in scheduling for last weekend's stock take he is off this Sat, so he looked on the net for tickets. No go - supporters on the Gillingham data base only. Not even any on ebay.

Trev said he hadnt been able to get any with his contacts either and didnt think there were any about. Laura was going to try her cricket club contacts but hope was dwindling. Yet despite all us gloom and doom merchants Martin still phoned the ticket office to try this morning, only to discover he actually had booked with them to watch a match way back in 2001 which put him on the data base!! Wayhey! He could buy legit tickets. trev cant believe his luck and so both of them are off on Sat to wave on - which team?

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