Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sky BB

I spent over a year waiting for Sky broadband to be available in my area - it seemed too good a deal to pass up. And when finally it was available from my exchange we spent hours (literally hours) on the phone and the net trying to sort it all out. Financially for what we were already paying for both Sky TV and our old ISP we had worked out that for a few pennies more we could cut down on all the channels we dont bother with (children's MTV etc) add Sky Sport (for Martin) and still get unlimited bb.

Sky Sports was there virtually as we put the phone down after ordering, broadband involves MAC codes and activation dates and postie bringing hardware so I didnt go live until the 28th (ok admittedly it wasnt all plain sailing as BT knocked our phone line out when they changed over) but I was soon up and running and surfing away to my hearts content. It was super fast compared to my other ISP.

Until 7.30 pm - when the speed dropped out to nothing and I couldnt get on line. OK I thought but I cant do any ringing round until the morning. By the morning however I was back up and running and able to surf to my hearts content......until 7.30 again when the same thing happened. And it happened again last night.

Martin says he can feel a phone call coming on.

Still at least (since Martin refuses to change the telly off the golfing channel) I was 'forced' into my craft room where I started to look through some of the Design Collective classes I have not yet done.

I started these classes with such gusto, I was workin gon Kelly's wedding album and it was great to have something each week that I could use to motivate the LO's, but as the months went by (I'm a slow scrapper) firstly I got a little bored of doing every LO using the same PP (much as I love the Chatterbox papers) and the classes seemed to convert into the style of the album less and less. So they tended to get filed until I could use them doing something else. I just wanted to get the wedding album done. Then last month I needed my spends to buy stash for Laura's mini book so I didnt subscribe to August's classes. I must admit even though I hadnt been doing them, I missed getting the email through my inbox.

Then yesterday the brilliant news that Heather is to join the DC team, lovely Heather who always comes and reads my blog and has nominated me for a blogger award for being cool. Heather's work is awesome, and I couldn't wait to sign up for this months classes.

And whilst I couldnt get on line, I dug out all those DC emails that I hadnt used and did actually get half way through one of Suzanne Torrs brilliant contributions. Not yet finished so watch this space.

And watch this space because if I cant get online I can at least get to the computer and I decided its time I opened up PS and learnt a bit more about it. Yesterday I discovered how to make repeating patterns so I could be loading up a few freebies once Sky let me back on.

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